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Whew!  We were on vacation last week, and I am recovering today!  Vacation with three little kids is a hoot.  While we were there I realized I needed to write something up about oregano oil (here’s an organic one to try), as we were talking about persistent nail fungus (the things adults talk about while sitting on the beach, right?).

As a kid, I loved getting into my mother’s kitchen cabinets and dumping together whatever I could find to make potions and such.  I loved sitting with a big jar of vinegar and a box of baking soda, and mixing them together over, and over, and over… So naturally I studied organic chemistry in college and graduate school. I love learning about the compounds contained in the plant life around us; their structure, properties, and uses.  I have read several books and researched home/natural remedies for quite awhile now, and I have come to realize that I have one essential oil that I never want to be without.  Many may say that about peppermint, or lavender, but most people do not know how remarkable oregano oil is.

If you’re the type that likes to read articles from government agencies and scientific publications, then you can read about oregano oil’s antiviral activity against norovirus, its antibacterial properties, and the fascinating chemical components.  It’s a promising answer to some of our bacterial resistance problems.  In fact, there have been over 800 referenced studies in PubMed (the world’s largest scientific database for evidence-based literature) about oregano oil and its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral, and anti-parasitic applications.  It’s pretty legit.  But I would like to share a few of my own personal stories about oregano oil.

Anecdotal Evidence From OUR family

I was diagnosed with Impetigo when I was in college.  Impetigo is a staph infection usually in the nose and around the mouth.  It’s usually more associated with young children and the elderly, but I guess college dorm life provided the right conditions for me to get it.  Ever since then, it seems that if the air is dry, my nose gets irritated inside, and the feeling of infection follows.  I think I am more susceptible to infection because of having had Impetigo before.  Several times a year I would have to deal with this issue, until I discovered oregano oil.  Now, after using a very small amount in my nose, I rarely have any issues. I simply mix a tiny amount of oregano oil with coconut or olive oil and apply it to the inside of my nose.  Almost instantly the irritation and pain is gone, and it heals very quickly.  But, BE CAREFUL!  Even a tiny bit of this potent oil can give a burning sensation on the sensitive membranes in your nose.  When I say a small amount, I mean I barely touch the edge of the empty dropper with the tip of my finger.  I DO NOT use an actual drop of the oil.

Here’s another example from our family.  A couple of years ago my husband got a rash on his hips after swimming in a lake on vacation several days in a row.  He tried just applying coconut oil, then garlic oil.  The rash spread to his armpit and was contained with the garlic oil, but did  not completely clear up.  So, my husband started using oregano oil on the rash.  He took a break from using deodorant, and applied oregano oil mixed with coconut oil a couple of times a day.  Boom!  The rash started clearing up immediately and was gone within a few days.  This rash had hung on for several weeks before this!  No need to pay a copay to get a prescription cream that may or may not work.

So Many Applications

I have more examples I could share about toothaches and household applications for disinfection.  And did you know many people use oregano oil as a means of controlling parasites in goats and other farm animals?  Parasites in animals are a major health concern, and oregano oil is being used as a natural alternative to chemical de-wormers.  I plan to integrate oregano oil into care for our goats when we get them.  Some people even take oregano oil capsules to help with internal parasites, but be very careful as oregano oil is dangerous during pregnancy (it can be fatal to the baby).

Please feel free to share in the comments if you have questions or examples of using oregano oil yourself! Oregano oil is a powerful home remedy that should be in every family’s medicine cabinet for a variety of uses!

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