Out to (Wooded) Pasture

There we were…celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary.  Ten years of beautiful marriage, two houses, three babies, and so much love.  How were we celebrating this milestone?  By sweating bullets and breaking our backs packing last-minute before our home closing appointment the next day.  It was one of the most stressful, exhausting 24 hours of our lives!

But when we sat down the next day at the closing, soaked in sweat and faces red as tart cherries, there was so much relief and joy.  I told my husband it reminded me of the fantastic relief during childbirth when the baby finally slips out (TMI?).

We were doing it.  We were moving from our great suburban neighborhood to a rural home that needed a lot of love… to a home where there would be room to run, room to host guests, room for my parents to stay, room to raise animals and grow our own food.  Room for our dreams.

A few years ago when this dream was first impressed upon me, I really didn’t think it would ever happen.  And my husband wasn’t too keen on it.  But as things go, I prayed that if this dream wasn’t from God that He would take it away.  But it didn’t go away.  It stayed, and grew, and became more vivid.  I wasn’t obsessed, but it was the backdrop of how I saw our family’s future.  As I read books about raising godly children and I developed my homeschooling philosophy, it strengthened this vision.  It was a treasured hope I had in my heart.

Our middle little one foraging our suburban garden.


So where are we in this process?  Right now I am sitting in a two bedroom apartment, about half an hour from our new house.  I’m researching dwarf dairy goats, guinea fowl, ceiling fans for kids’ rooms, someone to help us paint, and checking up on our new kitchen cabinets. It’s so much fun, so draining, and sometimes I feel like I’m going to suffocate.  Who knew that the path toward our rural freedom dream would take us to living in a place with no yard at all for a few months

Isn’t amazing how God’s timing and lessons work?  I am adjusting to living in a tiny, indoor space, so that we can have the delayed delight of living in the country. Renovating for an outdoor, self-sustaining lifestyle, and in the meantime living the opposite.  Adding an office so my husband can work more comfortably from home, while I am home alone with my kids more often than ever as he puts in extra hours laboring at the new house.  As it often is in life, we must put our heads down and trust in the Lord.

Here are our explicit goals for our new lifestyle: To have space for guests and people in need; to have space for my parents to stay with us often; to have land to run and spend countless hours outside in all seasons; to accommodate my husband working from home; to cultivate a slow homeschooling lifestyle; to facilitate traditional skills; to grow or raise much of our own food as we learn!  We’d like to build a food forest, a pollinator haven, have our own source of eggs and tick-control, use goats as weed control, and experiment with Back to Eden gardening in a northern, rolling-hill environment.  With three young kids and two people who’ve mostly lived in the suburbs?  Yes!  Why not?  We’re not heading out to the country just to escape the busy-ness, but rather to take a wooded piece of land God gave us and build our own family culture, as He would have us do.

8 thoughts on “Out to (Wooded) Pasture”

  1. Dearest daughter,
    You’re a blessing to us, a gifted writer, a wonderful mama. Your children will call you blessed, and your husband will praise you. (Prov. 31) We think you will write a great blog and be an encouragement to many. We re excited to be in on the adventure! Mom n Dad ❤

  2. I can axcited to see the new house. Even though I know the current one is so nice.. LOL. You are so right to make these decision especially for your children. It will be fun to follow your progress

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