Ingredients and Kitchen STAPLES

There are certain things you can’t run out of in the kitchen.  For us, the items listed below are essential.  I’ve chosen each of them for specific reasons, and I am happy to answer questions you have about why and how I use them.  Feel free to email me if you have questions.  (These are affiliate links).

Celtic Sea Salt: We go through a lot of celtic sea salt.  It’s the only salt we use.  Celtic sea salt has trace minerals not found in regular table salt, and does NOT have anti-caking chemicals that are in table salt. I use this salt pretty liberally!

Organic Sprouted Spelt Flour:  I use this flour for feeding my sourdough starter, making my sourdough bread, and also quick spelt bread and dinner rolls!  I’ll often mix it half and half with organic sprouted wheat flour (from the same brand).  Spelt has a better nutritional profile than wheat, and a lovely, nutty flavor.

Cooktop Cleaner: We opted for the glass cooktop stove when we were choosing our appliances for this house.  I’ve had both gas and glass cooktop stoves, and I honestly don’t really get why everyone seems obsessed with gas.  In fact, I prefer glass cooktop for a few reasons, including that the surface is flat so when it’s not hot, I can use it for other things like serving space.  Also, I think cleaning it is easier, IF you have the right cleaner.  The people we bought our previous home from left us a bottle of this stuff, and it was so easy and satisfying to clean my glass cooktop, I became a little obsessed with keeping it in like-new condition.  It’s the same now that we’re in our new house.  So, if you have a glass cooktop, I urge you to try cleaning it with this polish.  Don’t let the burned on residue build up!

Home and Personal Care

I have been making my own home and personal care products for about ten years now.  I’ve made all kinds of things for my family to use, including toothpaste, deodorant, bar soap, lotion, candles, toner, surface cleaner, conditioner… the list goes on.  I love making stuff.  I guess that’s the way I get some chemistry jollies even though I’m not in the lab anymore.  But, alas, I don’t have time to make all the products I once did, or to try out new ideas and recipes like I did before we had three young kids.  So I was determined to find products to use that had ingredients in them that I loved and that would also work.  But I struggled.  I was okay with spending a little extra on a product if I knew the ingredients were worth it, but I had to settle for ingredient lists that were “pretty good” time and time again.  Why was it so hard to find products made the way I would make them, if I had the time?

Well, when I found out about a company that was making home and personal care products that refuses to compromise on their ingredient list, I was intrigued.  I researched the ingredients.  I compared the ingredient lists to other brands I was already buying and the ones that everyone believes are “natural” or “green”.  I compared them to the ingredients I have used myself.  And you know what, I was blown away.  I was blown away by what I found in the ingredient lists of products I’d been buying because I thought they were the best I could get.  I was blown away at how pure and clean these products were.  And I was blown away that they are at or below the price point of other products I purchased, even though they are cleaner.  The company is called Pure Haven, and I so very proud and excited to have become a consultant.

I personally use many of the products in my home, and I want to shout from the rooftops about them.  They actually work.  Like, the deodorant works for a good 24 hours, and I’m kind of a sweaty person (sorry TMI again).  As in, the stain remover Master Blaster for real removes tough stains.  As in, my towels don’t smell musty anymore, and they also don’t smell like nose-tingling, chemical-laden fragrances.  As in, my husband, the hand lotion connoisseur (because dry hands make him gag) said “Wow, this lotion is pretty legit”, which is a big deal coming from a dude.  So, here is a list of my favorite must-haves around our house!

Dream Cream:  My kids have all had varying degrees of eczema, but my littlest, my son, has had it the worst.  Last winter his cheeks were cracked and bleeding, no matter what I did.  So, this year, as his cheeks started to flare up when the cold air moved in, I started putting the Dream Cream on his cheeks about once a day.  It has made all the difference in the world.  His cheeks are baby-soft, the way they should be!

BooBoo Stick:  This is seriously one of my favorite things.  This BooBoo Stick goes in my diaper bag whenever we leave the house.  It’s a great size for throwing in your bag, and since it’s a stick it’s not going to leak and get gooey everywhere.  The ingredients are just incredible.  Neem, lavender, sage, rosemary, and tea tree organic essential oils will start disinfecting those owies immediately, and the arnica and soothing oils (think sunflower, shea, jojoba, olive, cocoa butter) will promote faster healing.  It also has rosehip and other amazing ingredients.  I just love this so very much.

Stain Remover:  I hate stains on my rugs and upholstery, but I also hate the ingredients found in most stain removers.  This Master Blaster has been a total blessing for us with three young children and a dog.  I don’t want to make myself a slave to a perfect house, but when you buy a new rug, you can’t just leave smooshed raspberries or spilled coffee (does anyone else’s two year old love coffee as much as mine does?  Don’t worry, she just steals sips here and there).  This spray totally removed these stains, and others, from my brand new woven cotton dining room rug, which makes me a happy lady.

Skincare:  The skincare line is truly amazing, and I can see and feel the benefits on my face.  These products are made in small, fresh batches, and you can feel it!  It’s one of the top selling products because women should be able to take care of their skin without applying all kinds of unregulated chemicals to their faces every day.  My skin is smoother and softer, and my typical dry patches of skin are gone with this regimen. This particular line-up even comes with free shipping.